Who are the members of the Governing Committee?

Margaret Howie

CHAIRPERSON Margaret attended her first SARWG in Bordertown and in 2016 chaired the Riverland SARWG, with the help of an amazing committee. She took on the role of SARWG chairperson

Polly Johnston

DEPUTY CHAIR & PUBLIC OFFICER Polly is a farmer from Alawoona in the Murray Mallee and has a interest and passion for rural people and rural communities, for her family,

Leonie Broadbridge

SECRETARY I was Chair of the Strathalbyn Committee in 2019.  We were very pleased with the Gathering we delivered, in a very tight timeframe, and those who attended had a

Elizabeth Ballinger

TREASURER & AMBASSADOR Liz, living on the family farm near Wolseley, established Teatrick Lavender Estate, growing lavender commercially. .A founding member of the Women in Business and Regional Development Group

Tracey Dewell

MEDIA & MARKETING Since being in the Jamestown SARWG committee in 2014 as the website designer and marketing person, I have been actively helping committees of ongoing SARWG’s to help

Judith Taylor

COMMITTEE My name is Judith Taylor and have lived in Renmark for 35 years. I have lived in different country locations for most of my life. I am a trained

Tamara Zawitkowski

COMMITTEE Tamara was born and raised in Adelaide. Yes a chic from the big smoke:)She has lived in Melbourne, Sydney and had a very brief stint in Darwin. (Too hot)

Carolyn Hogarth

COMMITTEE I grew up in Adelaide in a family of five girls. At nineteen I went overseas and stayed awy for seventeen years. When I returned to Adelaide I went