Wool and Worms

If Ewes have worms, you won’t get wool! Well you will-just less of it and other losses. This workshop will include an overview of wool knowledge, identification and preparation for sale from ‘Grass to Garment’ to maximising your $$’s and a very close look at the types of worms that can reduce productivity of your sheep and lambs. Focusing on an open discussion, with the flexibility to cover any level of knowledge and breeds of sheep, your presenters Stephanie and Abbi are both experts from Elders Rural Services.

Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their wool for discussion and/or sheep poo to identify worms under the microscope. Wool samples will be provided for education and please inform us when choosing this workshop if you are intending to bring along  ewepoo (sheep faeces) so  instructions can be provided on collecting and transporting it.

Presenters: Stephanie Brooker –Jones, and  Abbi Power


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