Karyn Bradford

Karyn Bradford has lived her life in Milang and has a busy and varied career including mother of 3, school services officer, primary producer, business owner/artist, community services administration and manager of Milang Old School House Community Centre. She has recently opened a new business at Milang “Artisans at Heart” which showcases her skills in lampworking and pottery as well as the talents of local artists and producers.  Last November Karyn was elected to Alexandrina Council representing the large rural ward of Angas Bremer and hopes to bring her passions of community and environmental care to local government.

Reflecting on the Gathering themes of Connect, Inspire and Discover Karyn will take us on a journey, sharing her learnings about community building, well- being and connection.

She’ll ask us to reflect on what helps communities to thrive and what it would mean to have an abundant community. She’ll share with us inspirational stories that give examples of how building capacity and resilience helps rural communities get through in times of challenge and change.