The Mental Health Toolbox and Why This Can be Fun

The focus will be to build a concept of a Mental Health Toolbox. Also talk about the local Strathalbyn Suicide Prevention Network and how that has helped our Rural Community and cover the value of being a country psychologist for a local community.

I am a country psychologist who has lived in country Victoria and Country SA all my working life. Which is now 30 years!! I have raised four children and lived in the communities I have worked with in fields of Education, Community Health, Disability all for the government and then in private practice. I have lived in Strathalbyn for 19 years and love being in my town supporting my local community. I also am involved in community groups and in my professional group currently as State Rep. I love reading, fishing, swimming and scuba diving in my breaks.

Presenter:  Robyn Oertel – Psychologist


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