Photographing Farms for Posterity

We will discuss how wide we need to spread our recording of farm life.

Posterity – means “Future generations”, so I believe that our task is to provide a visual insight into the farming life of today that can be stored in a form that will last as long as possible.

A close personal relationship between the photographer and the occupiers of the farm will assist in producing a true representation of daily life.

Daily variation of weather and lighting, no matter what the season, will require considerable flexibility in shooting times, and production of suitable images may stretch over many sessions.

We’ll cover the equipment required, and how to get the best results from it.

Camera settings and choice of recording format will be discussed.

Image editing and demonstrations of how to achieve an acceptable dynamic range of the final image will be provided.

What to bring:- Your own notepad, and an open mind.

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Presenter:  Rob Fairweather


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