Women’s Confidence, Growth & Relationship Building Through Horses (Own Transport)


This experience is a collaboration between 3 local, rural women, Jess, Esther and Kathy, weaving their teachings of women’s confidence, leadership and skill building together in this one workshop. Held at The Riding Patch, 51 Callington Road, you will have the opportunity for hands –on learning as well as interesting demonstrations with and without horses. The focus will be on women’s personal growth and effective communication through working with horses and will be providing demonstrations with keen participants – no horse experience necessary.

They will also be sharing more about the new charity Open Gate Foundation for At-Risk kids in our community . Come along and connect with other rural women and learn something new and unique. There will also be a few surprises along the way.

All three presenters have a love of horses and helping people and have combined these attributes with their formal qualifications and experiences in their businesses, to teach life skills and empower women and children.

Presenters:  Jess Keenan

                      Kathy Angel

                      Esther Cruckshank


Workshop (37)