Brigitte Muir OAM 

 Brigitte Leonce Suzanne Koch was born in Belgium in 1958. As a teenager, she discovered caving, rock climbing and mountaineering and never looked back. Brigitte graduated with honours in archaelology, history of art and musicology from the University of Liege, moved to Australia after she married Jon Robert Muir, changed her name to Brigitte Muir and became an Australian citizen in 1987. 

Brigitte was a member of nine expeditions to 8000m high peaks, she climbed on seven continents and crossed Australian and Antarctic deserts. 

It was at the foot of Victoria’s majestic Mount Arapiles that Brigitte Muir first conceived the dream to climb the highest mountain on each continent. It was a dream she fell slave to for nine years, and a dream that endured illness, hardship and heartache. In 1997 Brigitte Muir became the first Australian woman to climb Everest and the first Australian to climb the Seven Summits. From the sweltering heights of Africa to Antarctica’s walls of ice, her journeys have taken her not only to the highest places on earth but deep into her own soul. The Wind in My Hair, how a Belgian girl became the first Australian woman to climb Mount Everest is Brigitte’s personal story of her Seven Summits quest. Adventurer, lover, survivor and now writer, she emerges as a warm and spirited woman intent on living life to the full. The ebook is available on 

Her amazing and inspirational life from her native Belgium to the top of the world featured in The Eighth Summit, a television documentary screened in Australia and internationally in 2010 and 2011. She shares stories of her four Everest attempts and final success in keynote speeches in Australia and overseas. 

In recent years, she has given her heart towards positive change in her beloved Eastern Nepal, she is currently working on an inspirational documentary called Beyond the Smile and leading women 4 women empowerment treks to the area below Everest. 

Brigitte has always been a storyteller, and now shares her stories on a subscription page, She is also a podcaster and hosted four series of the Farmer Wants a Healthy Life podcast for the West Wimmera Health Service. 

Brigitte is the recipient of the Australian Geographic Award for Excellence (1997), the Australia Day Council Australian Achiever Award (2008), the Order of Australia Medal for Services to Mountaineering (2000), the Centenary of Federation Medal (2003) and in 2001 was made a Member of the First Victorian Honour Roll of Women.