Dragon Boating

Dragon Boat Club

Dragon boating background – dragon boating is a sport for all people, both male and female. It is an international sport in around 89 countries, Australia among them, who are registered with the International Dragon Boat Federation ( IDBF) . While it is not yet not an Olympic sport , the International Olympic Committee ( IOC) are currently considering the IDBF application for Olympic status.

Dragon boat racing began in southern China some 2000 years ago, as an ancient ritual between contending villages as a way of celebrating the summer rice planting. Where there were rice paddies, so too were there dragon boats. It has been practiced continuously since then as a basis for annual water rituals and festivals, and to revere the Chinese Water Dragon.

Dragons were believed to be the rulers of water on earth, and they were thought to also control the waters of the heavens.

Worshipping the dragon was meant to overt bad luck and misfortune, and to encourage rainfall , which is needed for crop growing, and thus the prosperity of a community. For competitive events dragon boats are rigged with their decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails.