Working with People

Lynette Finch 

For the last 4 decades Lynnette has applied her qualifications inAdult Education, Behavioural Science, Management and TESOL toblue chip organisations and Universities across Australia andinternationally.

Lynnette’s consultancy experience is diverse ranging from being acore consultant for the Australian Defence Organisation inassessing the disposal of assets, developing the FauldingPharmaceutical layout and merchandise store planner (LAMP), aregular contributor to the Mitsubishi Motors national magazine -Genuine Article, Senior Consultant and Business Analyst for theAustralian Retail Association to writing competency standards forthe Metal and Engineering industry.

Locally and in a voluntary capacity, Lynnette is the President ofthe Streaky Bay Tourism and Business Association and is veryproud to promote this beautiful location and the businesseswithin the region. Lynnette was the inaugural President of theFriends of the Leukaemia Foundation, the South AustralianSecretary for the Australian Association for Psychological Typeand Executive committee member for the International Society forPerformance Improvement.

In the 2021 Rural Women’s Gathering Lynnette is presenting ‘Typeand Temperament’. This workshop will provide individuals withcommunication techniques to optimise their contribution to thecommunication process based on understanding, valuing andutilising individual differences.

The methodology will involve participants self assessing theircommunication style, using a temperament sorter. The resultsfrom the profiles will promote the strengths individuals bring tothe communication process and the potential challenges theyface in persuading and influencing others. The self assessmentwill also highlight the harmonious connections and potentialconflicts based on personality differences.