Milang History, Railway Museum Experience and more (Bus Tour)


In the nineteenth century Milang was a busy river port. Between 1860 and 1880 it was one of South Australia’s busiest ports, connecting Adelaide, which was only 47 miles (87 km) away, with the thriving river trade.

The Milang Railway Museum is situated on the banks of Lake Alexandrina just a half hour’s drive from Strathalbyn. It offers an interesting experience for all. The line was opened on the 17th December 1884. Hear about the history behind why this railway line was built and what led to its decline.

Bus tour will include a look around historic Milang sites, a visit to the Railway Museum, the chance to explore the board walk, bird hide and surrounds, a local craft outlet – Artisans @ Heart, and more. Lunch will be served in the railway carriage.

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Presenter: Peter Lucas 


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